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The Beam #10 - Local Heroes of Climate Action


In The Beam #10 - LOCAL HEROES OF CLIMATE ACTION, we talk to environmental activist and geographer Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim from Chad, a woman determined to put up a global fight to preserve indigenous communities. We follow 28-year-old Luis Muñoz and 24-year-old Jeffry Onil on a long journey bringing light to isolated communities in the Central and South American tropical rainforests. We talked to Indian physicist and inventor Dr. Priyadarshini Karve about the main challenges of achieving clean cooking for all, in such a complex economic, environmental and social context. We visit families with limited financial resources in Roubaix, France, and learn how circular economy, and adopting a zero waste lifestyle, have changed their lives for the better. We interview National Geographic photographer Ami Vitale, on her experience documenting the local heroes of climate action. And we visit a former cattle rancher in Texas dedicating her life  to pioneering solutions to help farmers and ranchers opt out of animal farming. 

Read The Beam #10 editorial, by The Beam editor-in-chief, Anne-Sophie Garrigou.


    The Beam narrates the global ongoing energy transition: educating, informing and raising awareness amongst those who care to build a sustainable future.

    We're a tri-annual print publication focusing on climate action, sustainable cities, the future of food, women's empowerment and more. We also curate design content - sustainable fashion & architecture, urban & product design. 

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