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The Beam #7 - Leaving no-one behind


The Beam #7 features an extensive photo reportage on energy access in the Amazon: Protecting the Amazon, powering the people, an exclusive interview with pioneer venture capitalist Nancy Pfund, and an opinion piece on the dangers of climate change pseudo-activity.

We’ve also gathered more than 20 incredible experts who wrote exclusive stories and opinion pieces about Energy Access, Women's EmpowermentSustainability in Business, Climate Action, Emobility, Circular Economy and the Shift Towards Renewables, to name a few.

In The Beam #7 you will find interviews with: 

  • Nithya Ramanathan, CEO and Co-founder of Nexleaf Analytics
  • Mariama Kamara, Founder Smiling Through Light
  • Helen Clarkson, CEO of The Climate Group
  • Nguy Thi Khanh, Executive director of GreenID Vietnam
  • Nancy Pfund, Founder and Managing Partner of DBL Partners 
  • Ndoni Mcunu, Co-founder of Black Women in Science
  • Koen Peters, Executive Director of GOGLA
  • Diane D’Arras, President of the International Water Association
  • Gilbert Gagnaire, CEO of EasyMile

The Beam narrates the global ongoing energy transition: educating, informing and raising awareness amongst those who care to build a sustainable future.

We're a tri-annual print publication focusing on sustainability: sustainable cities, the future of food and women's empowerment to name a few. We also curate design content - sustainable fashion & architecture, urban & product design. 

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