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The Beam is a tri-annual sustainability-focused publication covering the energy transition and the race to a zero carbon economy. The Beam is published in partnership with the world’s #1 cleantech-focused news and analysis site CleanTechnica.

We are on a quest to answer one of the biggest questions of our time- can we win this race by switching to clean energy, re-inventing cities, divesting from our fossil fuel centric past and invest into a sustainable future?
The Beam wraps this coverage globally and understands itself as a platform for the people, companies and organizations that drive on the forefront and do everything to keep humanity in its carbon budget.

- Inspiring people to adopt more sustainable lifestyles
- Providing accurate information, news and coverage of different disciplines through a sustainable lens

Cleantech - Sustainability - Politics - Economy - Divestment - Sustainable Development - Research - Women empowerment - Sustainable investments - Energy Efficiency - Future of Food - Sustainable Fashion - Emobility - Community Power


"We need the commitment of people like the readers of ‘The Beam’, because
they want to make those things that lie ahead of us even better.”
Andreas Kuhlmann, Head of DENA 
"I love The Beam, because it really shows renewable energy from a different and
unique angle.
Literally everybody finds something fascinating in the magazine."
Christian Siemoneit, Founder Hansalia
"The Beam is a refreshing publication, it offers news and interviews
with professionals mixed a bit with an aesthetic point of view in an engaging,
and easy to understand way for everyone."
Sara Slavikova