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The Beam Magazine  – United People of Climate Action

We are a tri-annual print and digital publication featuring interviews, perspectives and articles from global experts in the field of climate action and sustainable development.

We created The Beam four years ago, aiming to make information about climate change more accessible.

In each new edition of our publication, we work with our network of global contributors to co-create in-depth articles on sustainable cities, urban mobility, the circular economy, energy access, climate action, women’s empowerment, environmental migration, climate science, and much more. Our aim is to help these experts to translate their knowledge into a story that’s interesting for the reader, and will hopefully empower them to change their behaviour. 

“Can we win the race against time for the deep decarbonisation of the global economy? It’s the biggest question of our time, and it affects ever-growing segments of business and society. It plays out at the intersection of the energy transition, new mobility, infrastructure, innovation, politics, culture and digitalisation.” 
– Benjamin Schulz, Publisher.

The Beam  –  United People of Climate Action is placed at this intersection; we tell the stories of real people making a material impact in this space.

Among our contributors and interviewees are not-for-profits, researchers, scientists, activists, and entrepreneurs from Europe, North America, but also African countries, South East Asia, Latin America, Small Island Nations, etc.

“We are focusing on telling the narrative of the global ongoing energy transition, aiming to educate, inform, and raise awareness amongst those who care to build a sustainable future.” 
– Anne-Sophie Garrigou, Editor-in-Chief

 Want to contribute?

We’re always looking for new content ideas to keep the magazine as fresh as possible. If you want to share your voice, contact our Editor-In-Chief Anne-Sophie Garrigou at with a 100 words pitch for your story (title, subtitle, and extract).


"We need the commitment of people like the readers of ‘The Beam’, because
they want to make those things that lie ahead of us even better.”
Andreas Kuhlmann, Head of DENA 
"I love The Beam, because it really shows renewable energy from a different and
unique angle.
Literally everybody finds something fascinating in the magazine."
Christian Siemoneit, Founder Hansalia
"The Beam is a refreshing publication, it offers news and interviews
with professionals mixed a bit with an aesthetic point of view in an engaging,
and easy to understand way for everyone."
Sara Slavikova