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About Us!

The Beam is a tri-annual printed publication covering the energy transition and the race to a zero carbon economy.

It’s the biggest question of our time: Can we win this race by switching to renewable energy, changing transportation, re-imagining cities, divesting from the fossil fuel past and investing into a sustainable future? The Beam wraps this coverage in modern design and understands itself as a platform for the people, companies and organizations that drive on the forefront and do everything to keep humanity in its carbon budget.

This race doesn’t just play out in a niche industry, but affects ever larger portions of busines and society. It happens at the intersection of the energy transition, new mobility, innovation, politics, culture and digital.

Our past editions have featured founders and CEOs from the likes of Global Wind Energy Council, Mobisol, Ubitricity, Tado, EUREC, Bright Source Energy, Energy Watch Group, World Future Council and Climate Policy Initiative, as well as leading scientists, artists, and other influencers.

Together with our partner CleanTechnica, the biggest cleantech blog in the world, we curate the best content from around the world that focus on critical reporting and solutions to our climate crisis.

With our current edition The Beam #3 we reach +100.000 people in +30 countries. #racetozerocarbon #buildthebeam